If You’re A Musician Read This: It Might Just Save Your Hearing

The most common problem among musicians is the continuous struggle with keeping their hearing at a good level. Arguably it is the most important of all senses in this vocation and all musicians should pay extra care on keeping their hearing levels top notch.

There are things to do in order to prevent as much as possible hearing loss and things to do in order to strengthen your hearing, thus being able to perform with more ease and face less problems in your career. The aim of this article is to shed light on some of these practices and help every musician, professional or amateur.

Clean Those Ears!

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First of all, lets start with ways to prevent hearing loss. Earwax is a crucial aspect of this struggle, as it can be beneficial for the health of the ear in small amounts, but if it builds up then it can lead to infections and earaches that can long term damage your ears and consequently your hearing ability.

It can be a good idea to visit an ENT doctor for checkups though this might be a little overkill. It’s easy to do ear wax removal at home these days and there’s plenty of resources online that cover the best ear wax removal products.  You’d be surprised at how much an ear clean can improve your hearing! It makes sense though when you think about it, you’re completely freeing up your ear canal.

Stop Needless Noise!

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Another important part is not to expose yourself to needless noise, as continuous strain can lead to long term effects. Continuous strain means being exposed for long periods of time in places that exceed 80 dB. The bad news is that the average rock concert is around 100 to 110 dB loud and that is why after a concert most people will feel their ears ringing for few hours.

So if you are a professional musician in the general rock genre or in any genre that is usually performed comparatively loud, it is almost unavoidable to experience some problems caused by this exposure. A good way to prevent hearing loss is to avoid performing on a daily basis if possible, so that you give to your ears some time to heal themselves.

Use High Fidelity Hearing Protection


Also you could try buying a set of special earplugs that musicians use for live concerts. These filter the noise around you and lower the dB without though limiting how clearly you can listen to the music, thus they can be a very helpful tool in the fight against hearing loss. It is also a good idea to move out to another house in case that you live in a place where there is lot of environmental noise.

For example if you live in a bustling city, try living in a quieter suburb instead. It can be tempting living in the city center for musicians, in order to be close to most of the cultural activity but if you have a car or the city transportation is decent, then you can offer to your ears a much better rest and thus help them heal much quicker.

Eat Some Leafy Greens

leafy greens

There are also things to do in order to strengthen your hearing via a better diet. Studies suggest that vitamins A, C, E and magnesium are very good at preventing noise trauma, so including foods that are rich in these can be beneficial for keeping your hearing levels healthy. Examples of such food are: Dark leafy greens (like spinach and kale) for vitamins A, C, E and magnesium, sweet Peppers for vitamin A and C, nuts for vitamin E and magnesium.